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The magical setting of the Château Isabella guest lodge is nestled in the rolling foothills of Southwestern Alberta, minutes from Glacier National Park, Montana and 15 miles east of Waterton National Park, Alberta.  160 tranquil acres of the majestical vistas of the Rockies, melodic mountain streams, and a clear view of the sacred Old Chief Mountain. 

What began as Harry’s dream of a hunting lodge 30 years ago has tastefully transformed into Marion’s perfect setting for any group gathering with 16 rooms/bathrooms, 3 large fireplaces and 3 conference/gathering rooms that will accommodate 55 people each with ease and comfort.  The warm elegance of our dining room with its clear view of the rugged majesty of this corner of Alberta creates a truly unforgettable memory.  It is not uncommon to see deer or a fox running across the meadow or a soaring bald or golden eagle while sitting down to our mouth-watering,  lovingly prepared meals with an emphasis on seasonal, local produce and the highest-quality ingredients. A few of the many reasons that those who have stayed and returned here say they leave the Chateau Isabella feeling nourished…body and soul. 

We have had over 30 years in the business of creating summer adventures for guests from all over the world.


The awe inspiring grounds of the Chateau are beautifully and meticulously designed and groomed for your relaxation and enjoyment.  It’s a Summer Paradise

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